Royalton-Upsala JV/Varsity


 The Royals were seeded no. 2 and for the second year in the row, they earned second place, in Section 7A.  They defeated their rivals the Holdingford Huskers 54-15, winning eleven of thirteen matches. In the semifinals they defeated their rivals the Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena Bear 37-25, the Royals won eight matches. In the championship the Royals were defeated by Class A Lean and Mean rivals the Aitkin Gobblers 37-25, the Royals won six matches. This was a very exciting dual, with the outcome not decided to the final matches of the dual. Mason Novitzki and Wyatt Lahr both went 3-0, Sam Costanzo, Jackson Held, Will Gorecki, Jacob Leibold, and Damion Theisen all went 2-1 and Gage Louden went 2-0 at the Section duals

Section 7A Championship

Aitkin 37 Royalton/Upsala 25

106 Marshall Larson (AIT) Dec. Sam Costanzo (R/U) 6-3

113 Will Gorecki (R/U) Maj. Dec. Walker Jones (AIT) 10-2

120 Carson Kullhem (AIT) Maj. Dec. Hunter Novitzki (R/U) 18-6

126 Wyatt Lahr (R/U) Dec. Nathan Rom (AIT) 9-3

132 Jack Gravelle (AIT) Dec. Jacob Leibold (R/U) 8-5

138 Luke Pelarski (AIT) Fall Brady Conrad (R/U) 1:12

145 Carter Endrizzi (AIT) Tech. Fall Gabe Gorecki (R/U) 6:00

152 Tyler Spolarich (AIT) Fall Chris Borash (R/U) 1:25

160 Damion Theisen (R/U) Dec. Quin Miller (AIT) 6-4

170 Jackson Held (R/U) Fall Tyler Decent (AIT) 1:06

182 Jack Workman (AIT) Maj. Dec. Austin Wensmann (R/U) 17-4

195 Gage Louden (R/U) Dec. Craig Ashton (AIT) 9-5

220 Cody Snyder (AIT) Fall Matthew Kasella (R/U) 5:03

285 Mason Novitzki (R/U) Fall Nathan Stifter (AIT) :23


Royalton/Upsala 37 Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena 25

106 Sam Costanzo (R/U) Dec. Eli Sharbono (BCLB) 8-7

113 Christian Pater (BCLB) Maj. Dec. Will Gorecki (R/U) 14-0

120 Trevor Janssen (BCLB) Fall Hunter Novitzki (R/U) :35

126 Wyatt Lahr (R/U) Maj. Dec. Landon Gross (BCLB) 15-3

132 Jacob Leibold (R/U) Fall Hunter Reeves (BCLB) :55

138 Xayvion Rodgers (BCLB) Fall  Brady Conrad (R/U) 3:59

145 Trenten Juelson (BCLB) Dec. Gabe Gorecki (R/U) 11-6

152 Damian Theisen (R/U) Dec. Logan Dobmeier (BCLB) 4-0

160 Aiden Olson (R/U) Dec. Jastyn Rogers (BCLB) 12-7

170 Ian Frenzel (BCLB) Dec. Jackson Held (R/U) 7-6

182 Mason Smid (BCLB) Dec. Austin Wensmann (R/U) 8-4

195 Gage Louden (R/U) Fall Colter Humphrey (BCLB) 5:37

220 Matthew Kasella (R/U) Fall Brayden Rose (R/U) 3:15

285 Mason Novitzki (R/U) Fall Billy Roberts (BCLB) :38


Royalton/Upsala 54 Holdingford 15

106 Sam Costanzo (R/U) Dec. Drew Lange (HOLD) 4-1

113 Will Gorecki (R/U) Fall Evan Petron (HOLD) 1:01

120 Hunter Novitzki (R/U) Dec. Cohl Clear (HOLD) 8-2

126 Wyatt Lahr (R/U))

132 Jacob Leibold (R/U)

138 Brady Conrad (R/U)

145 Gabe Gorecki (R/U) Dec. Blake Sigler (HOLD) 7-0

152 James Welle (HOLD) Dec. Damion Theisen (R/U) 8-4

160 Jackson Held (R/U) Fall Michael Miller (HOLD) 1:13

170 Tate Lange (HOLD) Fall Isaac Kasella (R/U) 4:58

182 Austin Wensmann (R/U) Dec. Maxwell Secord (R/U) 4-2

195 Sam Harren (HOLD) Default Matthew Kasella (R/U)

220 Aaron Block (R/U) Won by Forfeit

285 Mason Novitzki (R/U) Won by Forfeit



Many thanks to our coaching staff for your commitment, encouragement, and dedication to our boys! Thank you… THANK YOU!!!


     “More enduringly than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill – none have wrestled without pride”.                                                                           

-Dan Gable


“Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with an extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even.” 


Sam Costanzo – Senior


Will Gorecki – 8th Grade


Nathan Kolbo – Sophmore


Wyatt Lahr – Senior


Brady Conrad – SophmoreChristopher Borash – Junior


Gabe Gorecki – Sophmore


Jacob Leibold – Freshman



Damion Theisen – Senior


Gage Louden – Junior


Jackson Held – Senior

Matthew Kasella- Junior


Aaron Block – Sophmore


Mason Novitski – Sophmore

Coach Fesenmaier
Coach Gorecki

“When you see a team in college or any level, those wrestlers are a reflection of the coaches attitude.  If you have a tough coach, usually you have tough wrestlers.”   -Jordan Burroughs    

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